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    Vesys 2 - cable current ratings




      I am creating different wires in Components which I will then assign to wire conductors in Design.

      Where do the cable ratings get entered, ie 0.5mm TWC would be 11amps while 0.5mm Tri-rate would be 3amps ?

      I presume this information will be relevant during 'simulation' in Design.

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          Hi Ian


          This operation would need to be done as part of the wire model in VeSys. The models would read in the material of the wire and the CSA and use the two values to decide what the rated current should be, and set the wire behavior accordingly.

          The existing wire model partially does this by reading in the CSA so it doesn't consider the material. It uses a formula to calculate the rated and maximum current from the CSA. You can have a look at it under the model wire_v3 in your VeSys installation. You will find the example code under functions "getMaxCurrent" and "getRatedCurrent" in the wire model's base state.




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            Hi Muhammad,


            Thank you for your reply.


            I am slightly lost as to where to locate 'wire_v3'. (I have a folder 'Mentor Graphics' on my C drive with Vesys folder and sub-folders within.)

            If I locate 'wire_v3' can I change the formula to suit; ie thinwall is material code 'TWC' and Tri-rate is material code 'TRI' - so can it consider the wire material as well as the wire CSA ?