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    OrCAD CIS Netlist to PADS 2007


      Hi all


      First time i'm using OrCAD Capture CIS as Front end and PADS 2007 as backend for my new design.

      I've completed the schematic design and Generated the Netlist as per the instructions given in the

      Orcad forum.(i.e. http://www.orcad.com/forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=19728)


      If I import the Netlist in the Pads Layout, getting an error message " *INVALID ASCII File".


      Can some one help me to resove this issue.


      Thx in advance.

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          Use an ascii text editor to check out the file. The header is the key (first line). Make sure it's proper for the rev of PADS Layout you're using. The easiest way to get the correct header is to export a netlist of any pcb you have. File> Export>, then select .asc in the File of Type, give it a name and direct to a folder that's easy to find. After you export the file, use your test editor (notepad works great) to open the ascii export. Find the header and copy it. I use 9.2 for example, and my header looks like this:




          Yours will vary. Paste it into the OrCAD netlist (removing the incorrect one), andsave. Now you should be able to import just fine.


          Best wishes,