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    Expedition Enterprise to Expedtion Clound


      Altium is racing with Expeditionpcb. In thier website, you will next release has almost Expeditionpcb- having features. I hope Mentor don't slow the revolution, continue to push Expeditinpcb Enterprise to a next level, Expeditionpcb Clound. Now MCAD vendors such as PTC, Dassult and Autodesk all are revolute thier MCAD system to the next level: solve all  unsovled problems. Today, the CPU and technolgoies are ready,it's the time to revolute EDA.

      I read the book by PTC CEO Jim http://www.ptc.com/WCMS/files/118027/en/HeppelmannIntV6.pdf

      I believe it's the time to revolute.



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          Competition is good - it provides a driving force for continuous improvement. I would argue that Mentor Graphics has been revolutionizing the PCB design world for some time with capabilities such as real-time concurrent engineering across schematic, constraints and PCB layout, best-in-class signal & power integrity, FPGA/PCB co-design & optimization, RF co-design. Our investment in R&D is second to none (or put another way, >2X our nearest competitor). Our investment is enabled by our leading market share, which according to DataQuest & Gary Smith EDA looks like:




          This success allows us to make additional investments such as our recent acquisition of Valor which means we are also now the leader in DFM.

          Whether it be taking advantage of the cloud and new web technologies, or extending our collaboration capabilities or simply creating the most productive design & analysis tools, you can be sure that with our massive R&D investment we intend to maintain and grow our leadership position over the coming decade.