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      Anyone out there using or planning to use Teamcenter with Dx/Expedition as a PLM?

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          We are doing a test installation with TC and BoardStation and have a lot of trouble.

          I would like to have someone to talk to.

          Can you please contact me by email: milostnik@iskratel.si

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            Don't do it.


            We have tried to use teamcentre to control our Dx/Expedition files, but it is was just a nightmare to try to implement.

            As far a I know (I was not directly involved in the project), TC required to be setup every file extension within a Dx/Exp project.

            So we would have to say what a .pcb file was what a .prj file was etc.


            The main throught was that we could zip up the Dx/Exp project and just import that into TC, but the version of TC that we had did not support zip files.

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              Hi Greg,


              Just to clarify your comment.

              At the end did you implement Teamcenter or not?


              In our case we dismissed Teamcenter for other reasons, and I never got so far to test it in the Expedition environment. And we are still open for a good solution.


              Best regards


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                No - we don't use teamcentre for controlling our Mentor data.


                We do use teamcentre, but this is for controlling other project data, specifications, procedures, test reports etc.


                We did try using Mentor's DMS program for the controlling of our Dx/Exp project, but again with no sucess.


                Now we just keep them on a PC network. There we can zip them up and send them to who we need to via ftp transfers.

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                  I don't like those traiditonal PLM systems. I prefer those open systems such as Aras etc and have achived some progresses. One of issues I faced with is that EDA vendors like Mentor Graphics are no't so open. I hope EDA vendors be more open to share API and publish data format to public. I believe we around the world need openess,to make a better future



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                    Hi Yanfeng,  the EDA vendors have too much invested to support a completely open set of APIs.  Mentor launched EDX as a stable and secure format to use for archiving design data and providing access to the design intent such that it could be used for sign-off, analysis and manufacture, what more do you need for a PLM integration?