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    Looking for method to update (change) all border symbols at one time


      Does anyone know a method for changing or updating all border ina schematic at one time.  I am working on a 50 page schematic that needs a new (modified) border.  Right clicking 50 pages and selecting <change><border> is very time consuming.

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          To clarify, the new border has changed graphics and property locations (such as @sheet) have moved.  If I use <tools><update symbols> I can get the graphics changed but the property positions remain the same.  If possible I would also like to remove properties from the schematic that are no longer part of the border symbol.

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            Depends on each company, which options are fixed or allow to modify.

            The way I've done is

            + Setup -> Settings -> Borders then select the one you use then hit "Properties"

            + Input all your needs then OK out

            + Back into the DxD, Tools -> Update Other Objects.. -> select "Property" in Type and "Schematic" in Range.


            Note: this is 2007.9

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              The solution was to first replace the symbols using <tools><symbol update>.


              Then "run" the following script from the command line with all schematic sheets closed.  Type "run" into the command line then enter the name of the script (in my case called BorderUpdate.vbs).  The script must be located in your WDIR path.




              The script opens each page of the schematic and replaces the border.  In this case there were two different borders depending on the page location.  The first page required the symbol dcoversheet.1 where the subsequent use dsheet.1.   After running the script, all SCOUT (cross reference) information tied to the border will have been removed.  SCOUT must be run again to add the desired properties back into the border.


              Use the following at your own risk.  I suggest making a backup of your project before use.




              ' This script Changes the Sheet Borders for All Schematics in a Project
              ' Allowing the full alteration of graphics and repositioning/removal
              ' of properties that are part of the border symbol


              Option Explicit     ' This means that all variables must be declared using the 'Dim' statement


              'Begin Main program
              ' Get the application object
              Dim dxdApp, JUNK, JUNK2, BORDERNAME, COVER, dxdview, counter
              Set dxdApp = GetObject(,"ViewDraw.Application")




              'Get each shematic and block one at a time
              For Each JUNK In SchematicSheetDocuments.GetAvailableSchematics()
                  AppendOutput "Border Update", "Changing Schematic or Block ... "&JUNK
                  'Get each page of the scheatic or block one at a time
                  For Each JUNK2 In SchematicSheetDocuments.GetAvailableSheets(JUNK)
                      'Open the schematic sheet and set it as active
                      Call SchematicSheetDocuments.Open(JUNK,JUNK2)
                      Set dxdView = dxdApp.ActiveView       


                      'Apply a different update to the cover sheet
                      If counter<>0 then
                          Call dxdview.Block.ChangeBorder(BORDERNAME)
                          AppendOutput "Border Update", "Border Updated on Page ... "&JUNK2
                          Call dxdview.Block.ChangeBorder(COVER)
                          AppendOutput "Border Update", "Cover Border Updated on Page ... "&JUNK2
                      End If
              'Dispaly total sheets changed
              AppendOutput "Border Update", "Total Borders Changed ... "&counter


              'End Main program

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                Hi Nguyen,


                This is Exactly the Procedure which we are following Currently. But, it seems there is a Bug related to this. The Bug is something like this: -


                We have 2 Different Border Symbols as every other Company has. One for Title Sheet with Title Block and many more and the other from Sheet 2 to N, without Title Box and all.

                Now, when we Update some Properties in the Settings -> Borders -> Properties Window and if we use the Procedure as explained in your Steps, we are notcing that the Title Sheet Attributes, which are more in number, are getting added up to the Sheets from 2 to N also and are laying at the Bottom Left Corner of the Border, whereas they should not appear from Sheet 2 to N.


                Is there any Possible Workaround or Solution to this? I've been trying to fnd One using Support Net, but it looks like there haven't been any SR's related to this.


                Please let me know, if you have anything.




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                  The issue with adding all border properties to all sheets even when they should not be has already been logged with customer support. This particular issue will be addressed in EE7.9.1/PADS 9.2.

                  The request for a method to change sheet borders through a design has also been logged (DR dts0100458418) but it would also be advisable to post this to the DxDesigner Ideas site:




                  You will find other Ideas related to sheet borders here as well: D1630, D2409, D3095 etc.

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                    We had the same issue when we made the jump to PADS9.x.  We solved it by making sure the second border had assigned locations for all properties found in the borders.ini file and making them invisible.  Here are the properties on dsheet.1



                    The borders.inifile has in it:




                    | The ATTRIBUTES section contains values for attributes
                    | that may exist on your border symbols.  These values
                    | will be applied when a border symbol is added or updated.


                    |These attributes are customized per design. After modifying this file use the update borders attributes in DxDesigner to apply
                    |them to existing borders. Any sheet borders that are added will automatically be assigned the values here.


                    Hope this helps,