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    PEX run with multiple extraction options



      I am trying to run PEX with following extraction options

      1. RCC extraction on selected nets of a design

      2. CC extraction on all nets other than the selected nets.


      Is there any way this can be done in a single PEX run, please point me to documents if any.


      Thanks and regards


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          Hi Jalwyn-


          Provided you do not mind having everything extracted once as RCC, you can netlist out the different formats in one run using the SVRF command "PEX Netlist Select File". (Not sure if there is a GUI control for this.) You'll need to create a text file listing the nets to get RCC, and the default as CC.  I am not sure what release added this statement; it was still in the planning when I moved to RET.


          If memory is the concern, you can make it seem like a single step by placing the steps in a shell script. The customer support guys actually recommend this anyway, because the script can also set all environment variables explicitly, making it MUCH easier to debug. (This was especially true in the pre-2009 releases -- there were dozens of environment variables that are now SVRF commands.)


          Hope this helps-