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    How to access different Display schemes in Expedition?


      Hi all,


      i want to select a display schemes over VBScript but an access on the returned array cause an error (Index Out of Range).

      Using the function UBound() on the variable arrDispSchemas return the right number of the schemes. But i can't access a single string in the array.

      What i'm doin wrong?

      Here the code i wrote:


      Dim appObj,textObj, docObj, dispCtrlObj
      Dim arrDispSchemas

      Dim placedCmpColl,arrLen

      Set appObj = GetObject(,"MGCPCB.ExpeditionPCBApplication")

      ' collect document object
      Set docObj = GetLicensedDoc(appObj)
      If (Not docObj Is Nothing) Then

      Set dispCtrlObj = docObj.activeView.DisplayControl

      arrDispSchemas = docObj.DisplaySchemes(epcbLocalSchemes)
      MsgBox "Liste:" &UBound(arrDispSchemas) ' The count of schemes is correct !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      MsgBox "Liste:" &arrDispSchemas(0) 'Error: Index Out of Range ????????????????????????

      Set placedCmpColl = docObj.Components
      'MsgBox("Cnt Comp:" &placedCmpColl.Count)
      Dim cmpObj, txtXPos, txtYPos, str

      For Each cmpObj In placedCmpColl 
        Set textObj  = PutFabricationLayerText  (cmpObj.AssemblyOriginX,cmpObj.AssemblyOriginY,cmpObj.Orientation,"Test",cmpObj.Side)
        Set textObj = Nothing
      End If


      I will appreciate any help.


      A. Mixich