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    Vesys 2 Harness - Connectors




      After many issues with Vesys 2 Design, Symbol and Components I have final got to Vesys 2 Harness.

      Help I am just as confused.


      1) When I create a connector, using an external drawing package and importing into Symbol as a 'comment' symbol DXF, this drawing of the connector does not come in with the part number - All I get is 'Default connector ?'. I have entered it in Components and can see it under the 'symbol' tab so why when I enter the part  number as a new connector does it not get brought into the harness like with 'Classic' ?.


      2) I can not change the connector type/part. I have entered a connector name and short description and now wish to change it from an 8w to a 6w but the option 'edit connector' will not allow me. 'Classic' would allow change of connector type/part as required prior to final drawing release. Please don't tell me this is like every change in Vesys 2 so far - ie a 'delete and start again' operation.





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          Hi Ian,


          I will offer some possible explanations for the issues you describe.

            1)   I will assume that you developed your connector symbol(s) in a "new" Symbol library.  If that's the case, be sure to add the new symbol library to your Style Set (Style Sets / Harness / Design / General Settings / Library Sets).

            2)  You will not be able to change the number of cavities for a connector if a library part has been assigned to it.  Delete the library part number (Edit Connector) and you should be able to adjust the number of cavities.  You can hen select another library part number that meets the selected properties.


          I hope this helps.

          Best Regards,

          -James W

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            Thank you James. That helps.