New Migration Planning Guide is available

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The latest Expedition Enterprise releases deliver a host of enhancements spanning all product areas.  The releases deliver significant productivity improvements and usability enhancements, in addition to extensive new product and design flow features.


The improved design processes and system administration methodologies will cause changes in the software and  the environment setup.   These changes necessitate deployment of new tools and new processes that also may include data translation.  Collectively, implementing these changes is referred to as a “migration”.


Experience has shown that customers who focus on planning before deployment of the latest Expedition Enterprise releases are productive much more quickly with the Expedition Enterprise flow than those who do not plan. We are pleased to introduce the new Migration Planning Guides to assist you in planning and migrating to the EE 2007.8 or 7.9 DxDesigner / Expedition Flow.  These guides tie together many different types of content to provide "self-help" through your migration process. These recommended steps and the related content will guide you through the migration process to a successful deployment.


Prior to migrating to any EE2007 release, we invite you to review  our new Migration Planning Guides.  Choose the correct guide for the EE version you are implementing (2007.8 or 7.9).  There are 4 main sections in each Guide listed on the navigation bar to the left.   There are topics within each main section.


To build your knowledge, we recommend you step through the guides sequentially a page at a time, starting with the section “Migration Key Concepts” and the topic “Migration Process Overview”,  using the Next >> and Previous << buttons  on each page. Each topic is designed for quick reading to get the basic information, but also provides additional linked references to explore the topic in depth.


If you have any questions or if you would like to provide feedback, please email the Migration Planning Guide team at