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Hiearchical net connections browser

Question asked by mathias on Oct 15, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2010 by yu.yanfeng



I'm looking for a convinient way to browse through the connections (the pins) of a net through the whole design.


Using the Nets view in the navigator vindow doesn't convince me because :


- Clicking on a net in a schematic selects it in the schematic page hierarchical level, and it looks like there is no easy way to get higher in the hieararchy.

- If a net has several connection in a hierarchical block (or is present on several pages in the block), it looks like only one is shown.


The other way I found is to use cross-probing with the constraint class tab in CES.

This way works fine but is a bit awkward from my point of view.


I would love to have a tool that shows the list of the net's connections through the whole design when you select a net in a page. And then you would just have to click on the connections to browse them.


Anyone has a tip ? A script ?

Is it worth to post it as an Improvement Idea ?