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    Vias Under Parts - Review Hazards


      I have a a big problem why when I do a DRC Expedition reports Vias Under Parts as a problem.  My design has by default via in pad and therefore there must be Vias Under Parts.  I don't want to see this get falgged as an issue, because I don't want to spend hours checking these.  How do I turn this off?

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          Have you looked in Editor Control / Route / Vias & fanouts / Use place outlines as via obstructs?

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            Hi everyone


            has anyone solved the problem.


            Dos any one knows where to define the valid Vias I get 208 violations about  Vias which I defined in the setup Parameters violation message is "Invalid Via"


            i also get a DRC violation for every trace width which is not exactly Min typical or Expansion but I would say everything between Min and Expansion is ok.


            issue like this make it almost impossible to check the design throw "review hazards"




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              You should verify that the via for that net class in CES matches the one in Setup Parameters. That should alleviate the 'invalid via' report.

              I agree, any trace width between Minimum and Expansion should be acceptable but DRC will throw a flag if the trace width does not Match one of those three.  I usually 'select all' by a filtered netclass and change the ones that can be to keep the DRC report manageable.



              If Editor Control didn't give you the results you were looking for, try the Connectivity and Special Rules tab in the Batch DRC menu. There's a section labeled Hole / Pads / Vias (Vias under....)


              Hope this helps.

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                Hi Tligotti,


                Before do DRC uncheck top and bottom place outlines in the Connectivity and Special Rules tab. I hope that this one will help you.



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