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    RMB "load into DXdatabook"


      Click on a symbol RMB then select "load into DXdatabook".

      What exactly doe this menu item do. There is nothing in the help file. The VAR does not know and cannot get an answer from Mentor.

      Please can you explain how this menu item works.  What controls are in place? How can I contol what happens?


      I have a SCH file where the symbols verify as red. Yet the symbol is in DXdatabook. I want to save the symbol to DXdatabook with all the properties. I have been told that this cannot be done.


      Please can someone advise?

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          This option allows you to refine the component with all of the required properties as defined in DxDataBook, it is part of the verification process. If you load a component to DxDataBook it will search the library (tables) and show the matching components based on the properties currently on the symbol. Say for example you have a resistor with a Value of 2.2k but no other properties, when you load this into DxDataBook it will list all resistors with a matching value of 2.2k. You can then select the precise component you require based on other properties such as Cell name (AKA footprint/decal) or tolerance etc. Then have DxDataBook annotate these properties back to the schematic.

          It does not allow you to add a new component to the DxDataBook tables from the schematic, you can only do this from the Central Library or DxDataBook itself (or your data source).



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            Thanks Rob


            This is a great answer. Much better than what is in the manuals and help files. Mentor needs to add this to the help file.