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Compare DxDesigner to Pads PCB

Question asked by rodl on Oct 19, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2011 by dwendt

I have tried for sometime to get this working.  The VAR and support net are not able to help.

I am trying to get decals listed in DxDesigner to match the PCB decals, but DxDesigner is generating the incorrect decals. The decals are in Properties under PKG_TYPE. The DEVICE property lists the incorrect one generated.  So PKG_TYPE = R0402 (which is correct) and DEVICE lists the 0R_0402 (which is incorrect.  I have a line in the pads90.cfg file which says PKG PKG_TYPE Decal. This command does not seem to work, as you can see below.


*REMARK*  created by ECOGEN (Version 6.4v) on 2010/10/19 09:23:25 AM


DxDesigner                                        PowerPCB
Ref-des    Part-type:Decal                           Ref-des    Part-type:Decal
CR11   0R_0402                                    CR11   R0402
CR17   0R_0402                                    CR17   R0402
CR19   0R_0402                                    CR19   R0402
CR26   0R_0402                                    CR26   R0402


So how does one get DxDesigner to map PKG_TYPE property as the required decal for PADS PCB?

What changes do I need to do in the pads90.cfg file?