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Packager add Part Name property authomatically... how to disable this feature?

Question asked by davide.camerano on Oct 26, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2010 by robert_davies

Hello. I'm using DxDesigner-ExpeditionPCB flow 7.9.0. I'm just migrating from 2005.3 and I found some differences I'm trying to manage.

When I put a part into the schematic the properties get loaded from from DxDatabook, and all works fine. In DxDatabook, my parts are divided into several libraries/tables, by type. Some tables have a Part Name column, some not (i.e. the resistors does not need the Part Name...).

In the central library all the parts have a Part Name property (because it is mandatory to put one in it when you create a part in the library).

When I run the packager the Part Name property gets authomatically added by the packager and it's visibility is set to "value". This could be a problem to me, because I have to manually re-arrange all the Part Names, and it could be a big job when I have to manage schematics with up to 90 pages (sometimes happens....) with a lot of passive parts.

How to solve the problem? I would like that the packager does not add the "Part Name" property OR I would like to control the visibility (to set it to not-visible).

I tried by myself to configurate this feature, by using the "Property definition editor" in the library manager, but without success. The check near the "Part Name" is grayed so it is not possible to operate on it.

How to do?


Davide Camerano