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How to Annotate Parts in PADS Logic (schematic)..?

Question asked by kannan.sha on Oct 26, 2010
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by kabaleeswaran.K.R



i would like to know how to annotate the schematic parts in PADS LOGIC.

Lets consider i am developing a New schematic from more then one former designs( simply copying from old Design and past in my New Design) . so that the Reference Designators may remain same as in the old one or it may renumber the missing Designators.

Actually i need to keep the designators in Numerical order ( for example if i have 100 resistors it must be numbered as R1, R2 ....... R100) to achieve this we need option called annotation. (as there in Orcad schematic), it will automatically renumber the parts in a numerical order.. But i didn't find such option in PADS LOGIC tool to annotate the parts finally.


Can any one please help me to know about this


Thanks in Advance