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Frequent fatal run-time error

Question asked by rtennill on Oct 28, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2010 by george_defond

Problem: step-and-repeat frequently causing fatal errors.




   I have been working on a FPGA based project lately so we have a lot of routing vias to place. I have no problem adding my via part individually by hand but when I use step-and-repeat I regularly get fatal errors. Sometimes the error is perfectly repeatable. However if I place a bunch by hand it will be ok for a few step-and-repeat groups -- but eventually it will fail. Has anyone else ran into this problem recently? Perhaps I have some other hardware issue lurking as well. I sometimes get a fatal error as I close Logic because it has become noticably sluggish.



I am using Pads Logic 9.2 on Windows XP Pro SP3 on a Dell Vostro200 desktop workstation and any help/suggestions regarding this topic are greatly appreciated.