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    GDS VERSION using calibre


      Hi All,


      When we do compare_gds, the utility prints the GDS version in terminal. Is there any command to check GDS version and date?


      The below lines are eg: of compare_gds utility output.

      -----                     GDS FILE SUMMARY INFORMATION                     -----


      GDS FILENAME:        ABC_for_compare.gds
      GDS VERSION:         600
      LIBRARY NAME:        drc.db
      LAST MODIFIED:       ON 2010/11/3 AT 16:28:40
      LAST ACCESSED:       ON 2010/11/3 AT 16:28:40
      DATABASE PRECISION:  0.001 user units per database unit
      PHYSICAL PRECISION:  1e-09 meters per database unit
      MAGNIFICATION:       1


      Since the compare_gds will take more time for big GDS i would to execute this command seperately.


      thanks in advance.



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          Hi Govind,


          If you use a cell name that doesn't exist, then we still get to see the gds file header information but no comparison will actually happen. You could see just the first part of the information by piping to the head command like this:


          % compare_gds layout.gds dummyname layout.gds dummyname dummyout | head -32

          Because the cellname doesn't exist, the utility stops after looking at the first gds file. I wonder if this process will still take too long on a large file. will you have a chance to test it?



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            Hi Chris,

            Thanks a lot, its not taking more time to print the version.


            Govind Kulkarni