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    Managing multiple versions of the same symbol.


      I was wondering if there is a way to manage multiple versions of a symbol?  In some schematics its better to have pins arranged in different manors, and sometimes some pins need to be listed as an internal signal and not be visible on the schematic.  Also different engineers have different preferences to what they want visible on a schematic and what they don’t want to see.  Is there a way to have a symbol show up once in the DXData book and have a submenu that would allow the engineer to select which version they need?

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          Well this may depend on your flow, and I don't know what you are using, there are a couple of methods to do this, but different methods have different requirements...


          First for all flows, if all the pin names and properties and component properties are identical, the pins can be graphically rearranged and saved in a .2, .3, .xxx symbol file.  This then has a dropdown to select the appropriate symbol.  This is the method that should be used for horizontal/vertical and right/left views of resistors, capacitors, in, out symbols, etc.


          Second, for a netlist flow, read the documentation on the Hetero property


          For the Expedition flow, you can map several symbols to a part, depending on the differences in the symbol, they may not always be compatible on a particular design, so one type may be required when used for a design.


          Perhaps you could attach some visual examples.


          Gary Lameris

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            We've been doing this for years with 2005.1 IND.  As long as each schematic symbol has a unique DEVICE attribute pre-assigned -  and NOT assigned to the symbol by DxDatabook when it is placed on the schematic sheet.  Conflicting symbols with identical DEVICE attributes cause netlisting errors.

            In your database, simply list the different symbols separated with a comma, example "74ls08_gate,74ls08_demorgan,74ls08_dip14".

            Sadly the latest version of Dx2007.9 IND that I am currently testing throws a monkey wrench in this by over-riding the symbol's DEVICE attribute with the database's Part Number property. I'm still waiting for them to fix this.