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    Generating a BOM to include supplier part numbers


      Our current BOM generating process uses EE7.9 DXD Partlister with Dxdatabook tied to DMS. Our library specifies manufacturing part number only (in DxDB/DMS and PDB). A MFG part number may have multiple suppliers. Might someone have a solution for choosing a MFG part number in DxDB and choosing a supplier part number which could be reported in a BOM by partlister? The problem is that there could be multiple suppliers for a single MFG part number. I only want to have one of the supplier part numbers in the BOM and need the user to choose. Different parts in a design may be from different suppliers.

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          this usually involves the use of AVL= Approved vendor list.

          In your BOM you put only one part numbmer with the manufacturer's ordering information that you choose (and you call this the first or reference part number).

          In the AVL you have a list of part numbers. Every part number has one or more manufacturer and an associated ordering information. Usually you mark a preferred manufacturer for every part number (it could be the reference or first part number that your use early in the BOM).


          This involves two files, but in all my years of experience if you give to manufacturing a BOM and an AVL they can do wonder for you. They have a BOM that is taken as a reference and they have the flexibility to change the manufacturer according to your approval, without having to go back to you.


          You may have to take in account that DMS probably would have to be reconfigured for this. In some cases this may be a major involvement in time and resources.


          Hope this helps


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            We have developed a solution where the user (schematic entry person) in DXDB can choose a part based on a company specific part number and supplier (distributor)/supplier part number. A line will appear in DXDB for each supplier part number per company part number. For example, if there are two suppliers, Y and Z, for company part number X then two lines will be shown; one with X & Y and one with X & Z (the company part number, supplier name, and supplier part number are in different DXDB columns). The person entering the schematic chooses the company part number and supplier (in our process the engineer wants to choose the supplier). BTW, for parts which have multiple lines for alternate cells and multiple lines for alternate symbols, these will also be duplicated for each supplier. Once a part is placed on a schematic it has the company part number and supplier part number (amongst other props) which can then be listed in the BOM using the DXD builtin part lister.


            This solution is provided by the DMS Manufacturing class, DMS Connector and DX Databook setup. My goal with this process was to use DMS and DxDB as Mentor intends it to be used. That is using DMS to tie a company part number to a supplier part number which I assume most users want to do. Below lists the overall process with some details left out as they are company specific. Contact me for further details (Joel Blend - 505-844-7246)


            DMS Manufacturing class Use

            Note: Don't be confused by the name in DMS; "Manufacturer". In your mind, transpose "Manufacturer" to "Supplier".


            Add a supplier in the DMS Manufacturing class (under Comp, see Manufacturer); for example, Digikey. Create a supplier part number in the DMS Manufacturing class (under Comp, see Manufacturer Part). Add the supplier part number to the associated company part number (under Comp, select Components, search for the part, open it for modification, select the Manufacturers tab, and right-mouse-button to add the supplier part). You can add as many supplier/supplier part numbers as you have created for this company part number.


            DMS Connector

            Open DMS Connector and expose the manufacturing class properties so that DxDB will see them. Select the DMS Connector characteristics tab and select MFG Name (Supplier name, such as Digikey) and select MFG Part Number (supplier part number). These properties can now be added in DxDB.


            Note:  There could actually be more setup to do in DMS in order to see these characteristics properly in DMS Connector and then in DxDB. The Mentor DMS hotline and consulting had to help with creating a new list characteristic, setting up the characteristic with outer joins, and manipulating a characteristic to get the supplier part number to come across to DxDB right. This is probably a company specific DMS setup.


            DxDB setup

            The newly exposed chars need to be added to each table in DxDB. Perform the procedure below to add the MFG (supplier) chars to the DXDB tables. Place the chars in the desired order location within each table, change the name as desired, and set it to Annotate. The new characteristic data will now be available in the DXDB part lists with Supplier Name and Supplier Part Number.


            Procedure: Add the exposed MFG chars to DxDB
            in DXDB editor,
                 *select a table     

                 *insert a table (can only insert a table with a different alias name; create new alias if necessary even if it connects to the same DMS Connector)
                 *select the new table and any newly exposed chars, such as the MFG chars, will be listed (disable any undesirable chars that show up)
                 *delete the original table