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    Extract Cell Geometry Extrema from DxDesigner


      Is there an automation layer method to extract the cell extrema from within DxDesigner when the component isn't placed in Expedition?





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          As far as I have checked the Dx Automation methods there is no direct way to that point.


          *) You could try to add the cell extrema as common property for DxDesigner in the library. For that it should be visible inside Dx.


          *) You could use the library automation to get the cell extrema - but for that you need a library manager license.



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            Thanks for the followup -


            I was able to get Exp to either report on the extrema for a placed component or place a component and then report back and then delete the component.


            I added a menu/script to DxD that opens an Excel spreadsheet and writes the REFDES value for each of the selected components.  The mgc script executes a vba macro that connects to an Expedition instance and then enumerates the extrema for the components.  Then the vba macro redraws the components in visio via polyline segments.


            Visio is easy to use for preliminary part placement in lieu of Expedition and only needs a license temporarily.