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Got problems simulating multiboard project using batch simulation

Question asked by cchen120 on Nov 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2010 by Steve_McKinney

Hi Steve,


I am simulating a multiboard project. There is a connector with a SPICE model between two boards. I want to simulation crosstalk effect using batch simulation.


But after simulation, I have got errors for all the traces going through the connector. The warning says, "Batch mode does not support SPICE models".


Then I searched for solutions in the support of hyperlynx website. I found a similar problem asking about simulation of connector. One of the solutions says "If you are running a multiboard simulation then connectors which are part of that system do not require additional models." ( So I tried to simulate without any model assigned to the connector (use "short" or "simple" instead of the SPICE model). But the result shows a different warning, "Missing IC model(s); unable to simulate".


What should I do?


Thank you so much!!