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    Got problems simulating multiboard project using batch simulation


      Hi Steve,


      I am simulating a multiboard project. There is a connector with a SPICE model between two boards. I want to simulation crosstalk effect using batch simulation.


      But after simulation, I have got errors for all the traces going through the connector. The warning says, "Batch mode does not support SPICE models".


      Then I searched for solutions in the support of hyperlynx website. I found a similar problem asking about simulation of connector. One of the solutions says "If you are running a multiboard simulation then connectors which are part of that system do not require additional models." (http://supportnet.mentor.com/reference/technotes/public/technote.cfm?tn=mg59549) So I tried to simulate without any model assigned to the connector (use "short" or "simple" instead of the SPICE model). But the result shows a different warning, "Missing IC model(s); unable to simulate".


      What should I do?


      Thank you so much!!

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          The general batch simulator does not support SPICE models in the connectors, but the DDRx wizard has the ability to support them (if this is a DDRx interface).  You can do some interactive simulations if you want to look at the crosstalk including the connector model however.  You'll just need to select the ADMS simulator option if you have the HyperLynx GHz licensing.


          For the 2nd issue when you select the short, I'm not exactly sure what is going on without seeing your setup.  We could have someone in customer support take a look if you would like.  It should be able to simulate OK with the short selection.



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