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    Style Sets


      Does Vesys classic have the "Style Set" option? 

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          VeSys Classic doesn't use "Style Sets" although you can change the display options for most objects, was there anything in particular that you wanted to change?

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            ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 16 12.15.jpg

            Is there way when you go to insert an custom component instead of the pins having a circle and number make them look like "C001"?

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              Yes you can change the style of the pins to something similar.  If you edit the Custom Component go to 'Display Settings' and select 'Pins as Connectors'.  Unfortunately you have to do this for each custom component but it is quite quick, another trick is once you have the custom component you want you copy it rather than create a new one that way all the pins are positioned just how you like them.

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                I forgot to mention you can assign all of the pins on the custom component to one connector by right clicking on it and selecting 'Assign Connector'.  Another way is assigning one Connector ID to a pin and then using the 'Match Properties' feature to apply those Connector ID's to other pins.

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                  Not sure if this is the correct way to display terminals but what we are being ask to do is show is to show a connector for each terminal.  When I change "Pins to connectors" it just added the half circle.


                  ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 17 08.00.jpg

                  The picture above is what there looking for the custom connectors to look like when you insert them.  Is there a symbol that represents a terminal?

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                    To clarify VeSys Classic only displays pins it does not display the connectors although you can make it look like a connector is being displayed.  Generally custom components are used to represent Electronic Control Units or other similar Generic Devices (i.e. Switchpacks, Fuseboxes).  Other than the visual differences (and display options) there is actually very little difference between the pins of an inline connector and custom component pins, they both send data to the harness in the same way.


                    What you have shown is a series of inline pins with a box around, the advantage of this is that the pins can be moved around.  The advantages of using a custom component is that all of the pins would move together and it is possible to assign all of the pins to a different Connector.  It really depends on what you are using them for as to which is the best solution for you.  Below is the custom component version of what you created.