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    Plotting multiple sheets from a drawing



      I'd like to be able to plot all of the sheets in a drawing from one command, an example is that there are multiple seperate borders (one for each subsystem) in the model tab area.  At present I need to plot individually (by means of the "page setup" feature), can this be automated?


      Do I need to set something up in the model tabs?

      Can I have more than one setup to allow "batch plotting" either to a plotter or to PDF format?


      all suggestions welcome


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          You still need to setup the individual pages but once you've done this you should be able to use the "Publish" feature (type publish at the command line), this will enable you to select all of the Pages you have setup and print them.  I'm not sure how publish would work with PDF, some PDF tools always output the file as the "Filename" of the drawing or document.  If you had 30 sheets and PDF'ed them you might find that the PDF software creates 1 PDF then overwrites it 29 times, I did this once when printing and there's nothing worse than getting through all your plotting to find you only have the last plot you sent

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            A good reason to take a look at VeSys 2.0 Design, the Print to PDF is a single action and with the next version of VeSys 2.0 it will include bookmarks and hyperlinks so you can navigate your page breaks