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DxDesigner + DxDataBook and Live Verification Process Time

Question asked by greg.funk on Nov 18, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2010 by Wolfgang_Antrey

As I'm typing this I'm currently waiting for a Live Verification to finish on my project. I want to ask what's a "normal" amount of time for this to take? I have a somewhat complex mixed-signal board with 32 pages in the schematic. I'm not sure of the component count off hand...but for the part verification process I choose "Hierarchical Verification" and the process takes about 30 minutes where the entire DxDesigner program is not responding. Then I get a list of components to update where I then click "Update all Unique Matches"...and wait another 30 which I can then finish the steps and click "Update Design"...and  wait another 30 minutes...


While I enjoy the nice break from productivity this gives me from time to time, I'd like to know if this is normal. If it's not normal, then where is the magic checkbox I need to check to make it go fast?


I've noticed CPU usage hovers around 25% while Live Verification is busy, and network usage is pretty much peaked - this tells me it's doing a lot of chatting with our database server (I assume), which I don't understand. How much data is required that it caps a 100Mbps connection for an hour and a half?


Also, my PC is still usable during this time, so the OS still seems to be fine.


Has anyone else experienced this? Is there an obvious solution?


-Frustrated Engineer