Several questions about connectors and simulation in Hyperlynx

Discussion created by cchen120 on Nov 19, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by Ed Bartlett

Hi Steve,


Thank you so much for your answer of the previous question about batch simulation. I have three more questions.


  1. Batch simulation do not support SPICE model, on the other hand, we can’t assign IBIS model to connectors in Hyperlynx. So how can we use batch simulation to simulate multiboard through connector?
  2. How to set up simulation time in the interactive simulation, especially when I am simulating the eye diagram?
  3. I assigned the pins in the model of the connector to the actual pins on the board. When I select one net, some other nets that are not connected are selected also. What happened? I thought some pairs of the pins in the model are shorted. But when I simulate them in Linesim, I found that all pairs are independent. The following image shows the problem. Only one pair of nets should be selected but there are 5 pairs are selected.


Thank you for your help!


question about the selecting nets.JPG