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    Mentor Graphics app version




      pls can you help me with the identification of Mentor graphics version ?


      see some InstallVersion.txt exist by packages but sometime the information is incorrect because ex for EE7.9.1 this file containt :


      GBS Install Id: 14821
      Flow Id: EE7.9
      Full Flow Name: 3D PCB Viewer 2.1
      Exact Access Date: Mar 1 2010


      information of the last addin program


      somebody have a script to collect the information of all Mentor graphics software install with the version ?


      (EE7.9,VisEcad,3D pcb view, QE, systemvision, HYP,...)


      for windows is simple by the registry but for Mentor graphics ??


      goal : help to check the computer to know what's version are install and Update by networks