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Converting projects from 2005.3 to 7.9.1

Question asked by casagrande on Nov 24, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2010 by robert_davies

In my company there are a lot of projects to be converted. I tried to convert 2 projects made with the DxDesigner-Expedition flow.

The projects are fully synchronized. In both the conversion it is not possible, and terminates with the following error message:



00:01:07 Error: Default configuration for mbc600.25 cannot be created: UID Manager: Object type error

00:01:07 Migration stopped because schematics cannot be migrated to iCDB


I searched on the supportnet but I could not find anything about this error.

Can you help me to identify and remove the cause of the error?


Giuseppe Casagrande



Mbc600.25 is a sheet of the schematic, if eliminate the sheet, then conversion does not work.



Giuseppe Casagrande