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    Solder paste to solder mask


      Hi Friend

      My Company use Valor version 7.6.for generate DFM

      my question, How to setting parameters for error, such as solder paste to solder mask to detectuntitled1.bmp




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          I am not sure from your question if you want to do some fabrication checks in PADS Layout before going to Valor or if you are asking how to set up the rules inside Valor.   If you want to do checks in PADS Layout you can enter the values used by the fab check at Tools > Verify Design.  Click the Fabrication radio button then click Setup.  When done entering the rules, click OK then click Start to run the checks.


          If you are asking how to set up the rules in Valor you may want to post this question in the PCB DFM Verification discussion on this Communities page.  You may also want to contact Valor support.

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                Assign pad stack rules in ERF Manager ,based on the assignments valor will check the padstack for any errors


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              SP2SM ERF rule will reports cases of the soldpaster pads clearances closer than thier solder mask clearance.

              Maybe 7.6 don't have this ERF rule.