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      When I helped other people to modified the silkscreen, I found that there is no way to copy the silkscreen to another board. But I think this can be done. So I want to ask the expert how to do this. Some one help me. Many thanks.

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          You can copy all text strings from a board to anthor board using CMC(Menu Edit-Circuit Move and Copy), but not lines, arcs and polygons.


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            Try using DXF export and import.  Use the Properties menu move things to the Silkscreen layer.  If your board fab house will crop the text and graphics for you, then you could just add the new user layer to the Gerber setup file to include that layer into the silkscreen plots.


            Have fun


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              Thanks for your help. But the problem is that when I did these like you said the property of these text will not connect the part. I mean when you finished the copy command, if you click the text and the part will not highlight. So if another people want to check the silkscreen again, it is very difficult.

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                dxf is the only way and you will not retain any association.

                You can edit cells in the design(from) then export them. Import them into design(to) carefully and then carefully use the 'retain/replace' text functionality in ECO