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    DX Designer Setup Guidance


      So far I have only used DC-Expedition Flow and now I am investigating a change over to DXD.

      I find it very confusing to setup, though I am probably looking in the wrong location or something silly like that...

      I get the general "idea" I hope, but what puzzles me is the definition of all those XML, INI files....

      Where on earth can I find a decent information set about:







      There are numerous references to the files in the help system but they just brush over the subjects.

      In DC it was very simple to create Global signals, In DXD I have no idea other than edit the speccomp.ini file.

      When going through the setup menu in DXD a power symbol is added POWER_PINS=Power:IVCC.1 like that.

      The standard entries were like this though..


      So, I could do with a "reset" then surely there is a "guide" somewhere which I have missed


      Thanks to anyone that can point me in the right direction.


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          Global signals in DxD are very similar to those in DC with the exception that you don't need a globals file. They're based on the concept of 'TAP' symbols much as you have in DC, they're basically Pin Type symbols with a Global Signal Name = xxx property that defines the global signal. They're stored in a symol library in the Central Library (same as DC) and may be instantiated directly from the CL-Symbol View of DxDataBook. However, you can configure the list of available symbols for each power, ground, in, out etc via the Special Components section of the Setup - Settings Dialog. Select the object you want to set up, lets say Power and then use the New button and browse to the associated library symbol, let's say VCC. Add this and it gets written to the speccomp.ini file in your project directory. So you need to create the Global Symbols in your library and then point to the in the Settings dialog  which will populate the speccomp.ini file. Take a look at the sample library delivered with the install at 'Mentor Install Location'\SDD_HOME\standard\examples\SampleLib2007. See this thread too:  http://communities.mentor.com/message/10401#10401

          Also refer to the DxDesigner Reference Manual in the InfoHub for details of the support files rather than the User's Guide.



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            Hi Robert,

            Thanks for your reply and "reset".

            I keep trawling through all the differences between DXD and DC....