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    OT: TEST??


      Just checking....

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          Beer applies to this site as well.

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            I thought "OT" negated the beer requirement...?

            also, I get the email notifications but logging in everytime to reply is a bit cumbersome. Any way around that, that I may be missing? TIA

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              I guess the old rules still apply.  Logging on every time is a bit of a pain.  Hopefully they will add the option "remember me".  If there is a switch, I haven't found it.

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                If you go straight to the PADS community online (eg, mark it as a favorite), the website remembers you and you can remain logged in.


                If you click through on the link in the email though, you can only read the thread. To post a reply you have to click the Log in button, but at least you don't have to enter any information. Just click the button and you're in.


                As for the beer, I didn't think anything negates that.

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                  Thanks Cathy - what do you mean by "If you go straight to the PADS community online"?.  I have a link set up but I still have to log in everytime.  Also, it appears you have been here a while.  Why are there 2 communities for PADS?





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                    Fair enough...IOU a beer...

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                      I like this community already!

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                        Hi Les,


                        You can't go straight to the PADS community and already be logged in?


                        Try going to http://communities.mentor.com/community/pcb/pads (or any PADS community page) and log in. Then just close your browser tab -- don't log out when you leave. The next time you open that URL, you should be automatically logged in.


                        As for your comment about two PCB communities, do you mean the "PADS - Desktop PCB Design" page and the "PADS Design" page? The way it's supposed to work is that there is a PADS Community 'home' page, with three sub-communities:

                        • Ask Andy - for business questions
                        • PADS Design - for questions about front-end products in the PADS flow (eg, DxDesigner, PADS Logic)
                        • PADS Layout & Routing - this one is obvious


                        There is a separate group of community pages for HyperLynx. See http://communities.mentor.com/community/pcb/high_speed_design.


                        If you have suggestions for a better/different nav structure, we'd love to hear it!

                        - Cathy

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                          I changed the name of this subcommunity to reduce confusion.


                          Pete Rishel

                          Mentor PCB Design Communities Admin

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                            Nope - I have to log in everytime I go to the site. In regard to the two sites, Pete just fixed it.  Makes more sense this way - thanks all.

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                              Les -- there is an option for 'remember me."You may have overlooked it, or if you happened to have come into the communities thru SupportNet (and were logged in to SupportNet), you would not have seen the community log in screen. In any case, pls see yellow highlight in image below. Thanks for your participation, and hope you find this community useful. And your ongoing active participation will help its usefulness increase.


                              log in.PNG

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                                Where is this window? I'm not seeing it.  You are correct, I did come in via support net.





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                                  You'll see this window when you come via a bookmark, direct key entry, RSS Feed, or email communication to the community site and you're not logged in. Your browser may ask you to remember the password and auto-fill for you, but if you select "remember me" a cookie will be placed that will provide direct access to the site.






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                                    No matter how I get here, this is what I see. This is as large as I can make the screen shot but you can clearly see that this is not the window mentioned earlier. There is not an option to slect "remember me".



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