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      Hello all,

      I have a problem with an auto-generate properties. I read a document concerning this (posted by Robert) but I can't place any auto-generate properties (@Sheet.... e.g.)

      I see it in list (see snap) but if I need it place it reports me an error (see next my snap).


      Many thanks for your help




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          I have just checked myself and this is a bug please log it with Customer Support. In the meantime if you add the properties to the Central Library property file as a user property it should work around this issue.



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            Thank you, Rob

            I still thaught I do a mistake...

            Rob, you told to add it to prp file but it will not act as an auto-generate properties... is it true? (Wouldn't like to have to modify the value of prop. on each sheet)

            Does exist some (e.g. non official) way how to get @Sheet and @Sheettotal prop into my border?


            Many thanks

            Have a nice day


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              Adding them to the PRP file as a workaround will allow you to add them to the symbol in the symbol editor. It won't affect the auto update, it simply by-passes the checking mechanism inside the symbol editor that is preventing you saving them on the symbol.

              Once you have added them to the symbol successfully you can delete them from the prp file.


              Alternatively you could try adding the property via the Console Window, the syntax to do this is as follows:


              setattrib -index 0 -owner ICDBDXD 'symbolname.1' @Name {}


              This is using the older 2007.8 syntax of the API which bypasses the new checking mechanism also. You should then be able to set the visibility etc via the Properties Pane.



              I have made engineering aware of the issue and they are looking at it. If you log this with Customer Support we will be able to track it through our system.

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                many thanks for your help!!


                SR was opened beore your answer - solution - add @properties to prp file.... it is OK for me.

                Good to know what is possible to do with it.


                Have a nice day