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    Can Hyperlynx do timing analysis for general boards other than DDRx?


      Hi Steve,


      I noticed that Hyperlynx can do timing analysis like setup time and hold time for DDRx boards. Can it also do timing analysis for any other genral board? If so, how to do that? Is there any documents about it? I searched for that but didn't get any useful result.


      Thank you.

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          The way you do this for other interfaces is essentially based on flight time calculations and Excel.  In HyperLynx batch mode, you can generate flight time data for all your nets and feed that data into a setup or hold time equation based on the interface.  It's a 2 step process, but HyperLynx does give you all the data you would need.  The reason we have the DDRx wizard is because there are many additional measurements that have to be made in addition to regular setup and hold time (skew relationships, input slew rate derating, etc) so we created the wizard to simply the work that you needed to do to process the results. 


          If you have suggestions for other interfaces, I would recommend entering them here on the HyperLynx Ideas site.




          This will allow others to vote as well and helps us determine whether there is a strong customer need for the interface (like we saw with DDRx).