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    Calibre Interactive not aborting on errors


      Hi All,


      I am new to calibre interactive. I am having the following issue:


      I am running LVS using calibre interactive on a flat netlist. If I have some syntax error in the CDL (like missing .ENDS statement or missing subckt definitions) the LVS run does not abort immediately. It completes the full run and then tells me "Missing .ENDS statement". This is not good since the runs are long and I end up wasting huge amount of time.


      The weird thing is previously it used to stop immediately, but now it is not seeming to do that.


      Please help me to resolve this.



      Thank you in advance.




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          Hi Vijay-


          Most of the "abort" settings are located under LVS Options.  I'm not sure exactly which one you want (I don't run LVS much), but chances are good you'll find it.


          If LVS Options is not showing in the left column of buttons, in the menus go to Setup > LVS Options.


          Since you aren't sure why it changed, you might try asking your CAD group if they have changed anything in either the SVRF files or the Calibre Interactive runsets/settings files.


          Hope someone else steps in with exactly which setting or rule you need to look for!







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            Is it possible that you were using different versions of Calibre? Before version 2010.3 the layout database could be read (sometimes taking a long time) and then the source netlist would be read (usually quickly) and if there were errors in the source netlist then it could take a long time to notice them. You could still use the extracted layout netlist (no need to re-extract the connectivity if only the source netlist had a problem) but still it could be inconvenient.


            As of 2010.3 there should be an enhancement implemented that causes the source netlist to be checked before the layout connectivity extraction, potentially alerting us to source netlist problems much sooner.

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              Hi Sam,


              Thank you for your response! I tried those options but it did not affect the working of the LVS.




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                Hi Chris,


                No I have been using the same calibre. The version I have access to is 2008.4._37. I am not sure whether I can get access to 2010.3.


                The only thing that confuses me is why previously the netlist was read first and then layout, but now it is happening in the reverse order!


                I am not able to find anything in the documentation for reading the source first before processing the layout. Is it something to do with the deck I am using?





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                  Hi Vijay,


                  The other thing I was thinking about was that a "netlist-to-netlist" comparison should show the syntax errors quickly regardless of the Calibre version used. If a change was then made to a single run where the layout required connectivity extraction for the layout netlist to be created, then a minor syntax error in the source netlist could show long after the run was started. Aside from those ideas I don't think Calibre changed the order of reading layout and source until 2010.3 when the source netlist is checked early on.


                  While not as convenient as the 2010.3 enhancement, there is a capability to perform an independent syntax check of the source netlist in a job by itself. That would use the "-cs" switch on a command line (while the -cl switch would be used for checking layout netlist syntax). I'm not sure if Calibre Interactive has a menu or button for that. Here's a link to a TechNote describing this:




                  And here's an example command line:


                  % calibre -lvs -cs rules > log