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Replace symbols in DxDesigner via Automation

Question asked by dirk_from_munich on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by john_dube

Sometimes I have more than one symbol for a part, e.g. a resistor or a capacitor is available as a horizontal (r.1) and vertical (r.2) symbol, or a component is divided into several gates (74LS04: 6 inverters, connectors etc.)


Now, if I have to copy a symbol, change the gate or have to rotate it, I would like to have it replaced by the other symbol, where the text is properly aligned, instead of rotating it and re-arrange the properties. The "Replace symbol..." function is not useful, since I have to find the original component in the very big library again. In the good old DesignArchitect (Boardstation) we had a function called "Change part view", where we could select the views (orientation, mapping).


Is there an easy way to add a RMB command to get the available symbols or gates, select and replace them without loosing any connectivity or property?