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    Open EE7.9 project in EE2007.7




      is there any possibility to open a project generated under EE7.9 in EE2007.7? 


      thanks in advance for any help



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          Hi there,


          We do not provide database backward compatibility so it is not possible to open a project created in EE7.9 in EE2007.7. The iCDB data model keeps evolving and it would be too costly (if possible) to maintain this compatibility. It is already very rare that a customer moves to the next version of the Software in a middle of a project, so the other way round makes very little sense.


          Is there any good reason why you would need to do so?




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            Because the later releases reduce functionality. For example; EE2007.9.0 (windows) would import Altium, P-CAD, CADStar, OrCAD, PADS, etc......whereas EE2007.9.1 will NOT.

            EE2007.3 would perform in a netlist mode until that functionality was reduced to 'license only' on subsequent releases'.  Kind of speaks to philosophy?!

            I think most users want to go back a rev or two once they've realized the functionality they've lost.

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              well thats one reason what Mike just posted. Another reason is that we are using here EE7.9 but other colleagues (on a differnet site) are still using EE2007.7 which somehow makes project collaboration not possible.


              Thats a pitty that backward compatibility is not featured. Any suggestions how we can get around this problem (other than upgrading to EE7.9)  ?



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                The functionality to import third party tools is still available in EE7.9.1 but only for a Netlist project not directly into the integrated EE flow. The reasons for removal are that direct import into the EE flow has not undergone our full QA testing and a number of issues have been found. Third party import into the netlist flow is fully qualified. If you wish to import a third party schematic such as OrCAD into EE you need to perform two steps, create a netlist project in DxDesigner, import the OrCAD project into this netlist project via File - Import and then create an EE project and import the newly created netlist project into the EE project.

                The third party import tools will be available in the integrated EE flow in the EE7.9.2 release where they will have been further enhanced and fully qualified.