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    Hyperlynx Eval. download


      Is it possible to get an evaluation copy of Hyperlynx?


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          We no longer have the simple download tutorial that HyperLynx used to have, but it is possible to get an evaluation. Evaluations are coordinated through sales. If you know who your Mentor Graphics account manager is, you can contact them directly. If not, you can send me your name, company, address, and phone number and I will find the correct person to contact you. Send your contact information to  weston_beal@mentor.com.

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            If you're checking out the SI capabilities of HyperLynx, you also might be interested in the HyperLynx "Quick Tour".


            It's a 2-1/2 hour, ten-part video (don't worry, you can skip around!) that takes an in-depth look at SI design challenges. The tour includes step-by-step demonstrations of how to run detailed analyses, identify problems, apply corrections, and validate results.



            • Designing a Well Behaved Simple Clock Net
            • Driver Strength and Overshoot Control
            • The HyperLynx Termination Wizard
            • Parameter Sweeping
            • Reducing EMC
            • Analyzing a more complex net: a simple DDR memory example
            • Designing a Multi-Gbps High Speed Serial Channel
            • Interactively Validating a Clock Net after Placement and Routing
            • Interactive Crosstalk Analysis
            • PCB Layer Stack-up Editing and Trace Impedance Planning
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              Thanks for the replies. I have checked out the quick tour video and it is helpful.


              It appears that I may have access to the one license we have at our company. Will try it out.