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    Connector preview button appears disabled


      Hi VeSys Gurus,


      Yes, I'm a new user here. I've a client using VeSys Classic (V2008.2). There are 2 users and they have same user previleges.


      But while using VeSys Harness, one of the user's is able to get a preview of the Connector part and is able to place the respective view on the Harness drawing without any problems as shown below. (And also in the attachment)




      But the 'unfortunate' second user always sees that the Preview button appears disabled. They are using the same components database and I've checked the path where they have stored their connector block drawings, (the part number matches with the drawing name) and both have similar settings.


      So this user must open the drawing in the first user's PC to make it work.


      I checked up with their Admin on their respective previleges to the configuration settings path and they both have similar User-level previleges. We even tweaked the problematic user's desktop to have Administrator previleges and still the second user has the same problem.


      Any ideas where else we need to check and how to fix this one.



      Thanks in advance,


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          I may be easier to check your settings by arranging an online meeting, can you send me your contact number/e-mail?



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            I found out the fix for this. It was an ACAD path that was missing...


            The solution  was that one of the users had added a custom path for their blocks in the  AutoCAD options and had not shared the settings with the other user. So the  blocks were available on his system to be inserted but the other user was unable  to do this.


            In VeSys, I  had to switch to AutoCAD menu bar to find this out.(Drawing --> CAD menu from  the menu bar)


            Their block  drawings for the connector images were in a shared drive U:\XYZ\Blocks and they  had appended this path to the list of search paths in AutoCAD. The unfortunate  user was not aware of this.


            But I’ve few  questions to resolve myself…


            1.                   If the  settings have already been made in VeSys Config Editor, does the user actually  need to set this additionally using AutoCAD menu options as well? I’m a new user  for VeSys Classic and not a frequent user of AutoCAD as well. So it took me a  while to actually arrive at a conclusion that this is the path setting that  actually is missing for the unfortunate user.


            2.                   Because the  default path settings also show up VeSys Installation folders, is this setting  documented somewhere within Mentor’s  documentation?


            Snapshot of  AutoCAD options dialog from my system (Has VeSys 2008.2 over AutoCAD  2009) is attached