How to create a Library Cell using Automation?

Discussion created by jonah.faust on Dec 13, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2010 by Mike_Walsh

Ok - I tried to use our encryptdecrypt license with EE7.9 to create a new cell and it was looking for a decrypt only license.  I logged an SR and was pointed here.  After reading a little, I see I need to start converting over to using automation for this...

I need to create a 942 pin bga cell with a non-uniform grid.  I have the coordinates for each ball in a spreadsheet.

Can someone get me started on writing a script to do this?  This is going to be quick and painless, right?  From all the talk about automation, it's going to be much faster and easier than doing this via hkp... 

Thanks in advance.