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    What Ep license alarm means


      Can you explain what is the below message.

      That says "Ep parts has to be after Ep license checked out.

      I dont know what that means....

      ep licese alarm.JPG

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          The message means that you have embedded passives  (thin film/thick flm) resistors and/or capacitors and that something has changed so that they do not conform to the rules and settings anymore.


          Therefore, they need to be re-synthesized (Setup==>Embedded Passives ==>Optimizer)  -and to do that the "ATP EMbedded Passive License" must be checked out.



          It's not possible to tell what has changed but it can for example be:


          The Embedded Passive material database has changed

          The Embedded Passive manufacturing process settings has changed

          Layer settings for the Embedded Passive materials has changed

          The PCB template has changed -changing the board stack up.


          Anyway, your design has  embedded passive components and htey need to be re-synthesized before sending the PCB to manufacturing.


          Feel free to call customer support for more detailed assistance.





          Per Viklund

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            Hello, sir

            Thank you for your good reply.


            But we don't use any embedded passive component on PCB. And we didn't found any changes.( PCB template, Layer Setting, Process)

            And some PC has no problems. Only one PC show this message.

            and can't click Optimizer menu bar. (Please see the below picture)








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              Can you post this in the Ask the Expedition Insider community, you may get an answer there.