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    Part Creation Using Automation : Pin Mapping


      Hello dear Members,


      I am facing some difficulties when trying to map a symbol and a cell using automation.

      I want to map the symbol res.1 ( in the symbol partition Resistors) with the cell RC07 ( in the cellpartition resistors)
      to a part Name RES_100k in the Partpartition Resistors.

      The problem i becoming an error message at line 85 of the script : "ERROR: GATE IS NOT VALID"
      I have already check my codes , but i am still not seeing what i am doing wrong.

      I would be very gratefull, if somebody would spare a bit of his time and have a look at it.

      Thank you.

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          You had a couple mistakes, the most notable being that  you never created a PinMapping object that could then be referenced by calls to PutCellReference, PutSymbolReference, PutGate, and PutSlot.  Attached is a modified version of your script which runs successfully to completion.  Besides the PinMapping object, you also had a wrong argument on your calls to Slot.PutPin.  The third argument has to match the pin name of the actual symbol.




          PS:  You'll have to change the path to the Library, where I put it was different in my environment.