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    How to link DxDatabook to two layout tools- Expedition and PADS?


      Hi, I am currently using DxDatabook to link the DxD symbol with Expedition footprint.


      Is it possible to use the same DxDatabook database to link the DxD symbol to PADS decal? I would like to maintain only one database, and they could point to two layout tools. For Expedition, it is using PDB to do the pin mapping, so, when we add the DxD symbol into schematic, we click on the checkbox 'Get pin numbers from PDB'. How does this work when DxDatabok deal with PADS decal? Where should we do the pin mapping?


      Hope to get some help here..Thanks!

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          It is possible to do this with two DBC files, one referencing Part Number as a key property the other using DEVICE. But you will need to ensure your symbols have all of the properties (aka ATTRIBUTES) required to provide full packaging information to PADS. Some of these will be unnecessay for the Expedition flow but should not prevent the tools working (Pin Numbers {#}, PARTS, PKG_TYPE, HETERO, NC, SIGNAL etc). Providing these don't conflict with the Central Library data then it will be managed by the different flows, the key here is to have all pin numbers on the symbols so that PADS will see them, this makes the use of Get Pin Numbers from PDB redundant. You can store the symbols in the Central Library and simply point to the library folders under the SymbolLibs subfolder in the Central Library folder tree.

          Your data source will need to include all the necessary information you use for each flow. When you create a PADS project use the PADS DxDataBook dbc file and the Expedition dbc file for Expedition projects.