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    Non Electrical Layer usage


      Hello All,

      For Non Electrical Layers I see that PADS delivers Decals with items which would be part outlines assigned to ALL Layers?

      Why would that be? Is it more of a default till a user goes in and assigns a dedicated layer for Top Part Outline etc.

      I noticed same for dwg formats they sem to eb assigned to all layers.

      Or am I missing something with a basic concept of how PADS does things?

      I would have thought there would have been dedicated layers for top/bottom assy outlines separate from top & bottom assembly

      drawing items?

      If someone used those decals as is and did gerbers would you get that outline put on all layers then?



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          I've never understood that either.  It seems like the simplest approach - define your refdes and then select it for the Silkscreen  and Assembly layers.  That works great until you realize the silkscreen text needs to be in a different location than the assembly text.


          I define all items on the appropriate layers; if I see something in a decal on 'all layers' I know the decal is not complete yet.


          John D

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            Thanks, so for the most part, you either use Top & Bot Assy layer to do all of this

            or use other layer #s then cosistantly to be top or bottom part outlines.

            There does nor seem to be any way to then add a pair or associate new two layers

            so that they will push & mirror when changing from top to bottom part?


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              The silkscreen and assy layers are relative to the decal whether it is on the top or the bottom.  If you flip a component to the other side it also flips all the silk and assy layers; SM and paste too.  I've never tried that with other layers.


              John D