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net name has invalid format?

Question asked by davide.camerano on Dec 23, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2010 by robert_davies

Executing the DRC of a hyerarchical schematic, the error "drc-002 net name has invalid format" is reported for all the nets inside a block that does not have a name given by the designer.

In the attached picture you can see an example of this error. The invalid net is the one that connects the gate of the mosfet with the resistor.

The design is not a converted one,it's a new one. I tried to delete the net and then to put a new one.

The DRC rules are the default ones. The release of DxDesigner is 7.9.1 update 1 (but the 7.9.1. wihout the update works in the same way).

Someone experienced the same error? What I have to do to solve this error?


Davide Camerano