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Reuse Block Symbol

Question asked by Nightwish on Dec 25, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2011 by Nightwish

Hi All,


I am trying to crreate a Logical-Physical reuse block in the Library. After I created this RB and verified it, I opened my Dxdesigner to place the reuse block in my design. But the Place Symbol window only shows a symbol border without pins. See picture below:




I have defined the IN and/or OUT pins in the root design, but they don't show up in the generated Reuse Block Symbol. If I edit the Reuse Block Symbol from within Library Manager, when I package the design and there are some errors. Can any give me some advice on this? Also when place the Reuse Block Symbol into Dxdesigner, it will merge some nets like GND or VCC as Global nets. Is there a way to set the Global nets manually? Many thanks!