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modeling air-gap using xcalibrate, what does the "spacing" mean?

Question asked by danny.jang on Jan 2, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2011 by Marwa_El-Basyouni

Please help me modeling air-gap with xcalibrate.

I'm modeling air-gap in a conformal dielectric.

A metal layer has two conformal dielectrics.

Lower dielectric is normal but the upper dielectric has air-gap.

But I'm confused about the parameter "spacing".

The document says "spacing" is the space between conductor(metal) layers.

If the conductor has one conformal dielectric, the "spacing" is the space between metal and I agree.

But, in my case, the reference layer of the upper dielectric is the lower dielectric layer not metal layer,

nevertheless, should I still follow the "spacing" with the space between conductor layers?

I think the "spacing" must be the space between the lower dielectric, is that right??

Thank you.