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Power and Ground pin types in library parts

Question asked by davide.camerano on Jan 4, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2011 by davide.camerano

I'm using DxDesigner-Expedition flow release 7.9.1 update 1. I generate a symbol with 4 slots, with the power and ground pins common to all the slots. These pins, in the symbol editor, are declared as "Power"and "Ground" (see symbol_pwr.jpg). When I create the part, I import the symbol and the library shows a strange behaviour (see library_part_pwr.jpg).


1) 3 gates are generated,one for the pins, one for the power, one for the ground

2) The power and ground gates have a pin number in the gate line (the blue one). Why?

3) In the pins gate the names of the pins are only on the first slot

4) It is impossible to finish the part. Pressing ok it says that the part is incomplete

5) In the part edito it is possible to change the pin type, but it seems that the values "Power" and "Ground" does not exist.... why?


If I change the power and ground pin types to analog (in the symbol), then it is possible to complete the part (see library_part_anl.jpg). No problem is present.


What I have to do? How I have to manage the power supply pins?



Davide Camerano