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    add net to schematic by script?


      I'm using Pads Logic 9.2 and have been trying to come up with a method to add a net to an existing pin without having to edit the netlist directly. I know that there are methods to add gates and components to a sheet but I haven't stumbled across any sort of pin.AddNet method. My goal is to come up with a quick way to generate nets for high pin-count parts similar to how some popular FPGA schematic software adds port symbols for a block.


      Am I headed down a dead end by avoiding editing the netlist directly or have I simply missed a key method?


      my basic idea is:


      for all pins of a selected part

           if pin.name = null then

                set new_part = sheet.addComponent(StubPart,pin.name,pin.posX+offset,pin.posY+offset)

                set new_net = sheet.addNet(new_part, Selected_part)

           end if



      There would have to be some logic behind the posX+n statement to make sure that a net was added in the right direction since most parts have pins on more than one side.

      It would be even better if there was a way to just add the dangling net without adding part but this is what I came up with first.


      Looking forward to seeing what you all suggest!

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          can you know how to add net with script now? I try to add net with script,but it is not successful.  if you already know,please help me !

          thank you very much !

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            Hi there,


            Please find an example of script to add different types of objects.


            I hope it helps!





            Option Explicit



            ' 1. Insert the border




            ' 2. Add a couple of components, using AddPartInstance method

            Dim comp1 : Set comp1 = ActiveView.Block.AddPartInstance("Logic", "74AC08-SMD", "ac08", 300, 300)

            Dim comp2 : Set comp2 = ActiveView.Block.AddPartInstance("Discrete", "FZ", "res", 500, 500)



            ' 3. Add power tap

            Dim pwr : Set pwr = ActiveView.Block.AddSymbolInstance("Globals", "vcc", 500, 600)

            pwr.SymbolBlock.FindAttribute("Global Signal Name").Visible = VDVALUEVISIBLE



            ' 4. Add nets

            Dim net1 : Set net1 = ActiveView.Block.AddNet(380, 300, 500, 500, Nothing, Nothing, VD_WIRE)

            Dim net2 : Set net2 = ActiveView.Block.AddNet(500, 580, 500, 600, Nothing, Nothing, VD_WIRE)



            ' 5. Add text, with a box around it

            Dim txt1 : Set txt1 = ActiveView.Block.AddText("This circuit was built with a script", 200, 200)

            txt1.Size = 20

            Dim box1 : Set box1 = ActiveView.Block.AddBox(200, 200, 920, 220)

            box1.FillStyle = VDFILL_DIAGUP2




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              hi,I'm so sorry to reply you now. I try to use your way, but it was not successful. In the PADS Logic,it's not this function with "activeview.block." .

              So,can you have a detailed example?  I need it. Thank you very much!

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                Thanks for providing that bit of information. What software was that script intended for? It doesn't work in Pads Logic or at least my version of it which is 9.2.