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Equating multiple layout devices to a single schematic device

Question asked by jeremyisaaclee on Jan 8, 2011
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I have a question which I hope some of you can help me solve.

How do I equate multiple layout device structures to a single schematic device?

I have tried *.EQUIV sw1=sw sw2=sw in the CDL netlist but it is not an acceptable format as the error I will get is:


LVS Netlist Compiler - Errors and Warnings for "test.sp"
Warning: Conflicting *.EQUIV specification for "sw" in file "test.sp" at line 6. "sw1" used, "sw2" ignored.
The scenario is because:
I have one schematic device which is a switch (sw).
This switch can be drawn in any metal layer in layout, hence I have multiple layout devices defined in LVS device recognition statements e.g. sw1, sw2, etc. to represent the metal1 switch, metal2 switch respectively.
Appreciate if I could get some tips.
Thanks in advance.