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    Problem with Ubuntu and Fedora




      I'm with two big problems and need help because I can not solve them by myself.


      1 - I installed the program Analog / Mixed-Signal (AMS) for Mentor Graphics Eldo simulations with.

      When I try to run any simulation it gives the error:


      Can not continue execution.

      During DC sweep analysis


      Error code2.

      Eldo has encountered a serius internal error and must close.

      Please call or visit Mentor Customer Supprt for assistance.


      I did not find any information on the site, so I decided to write here to see if someone helps me.


      2 - I installed the same program also in Fedora, but I can not install the environment variables.

      Can someone explain me how to do it?





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          Hello Joao,


          There is currently no Mentor forum dedicated to the AMS product line. I suggest you create a Service Request on http://supportnet.mentor.com. You will then get support from Mentor support services.


          Your problem description is in any case very general, and would require many iterations to zero-in on what the real issue is; it might be related to a software defect, which would require intervention from the Mentor AMS engineering, so asking regular support is the right way to go in this case, even if there is an appropriate forum for the product line.